Author Interview: The Darker Side of Lust by Abigail Ekue

by Notorious Spinks on 04.08.2011


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I had the opportunity to review The Darker Side of Lust: A Collection of Short Erotic Fiction by Abigail Ekue.  I was interested to know how she would confront a subject that still happens to be taboo in some circles, homosexuality.  After reading many of the short stories I often wondered who told her these stories because they seemed too close to real life occurrences.   For the most part, I think Abigail covered some interesting points when it comes to relationships.  This book is filled with heterosexual, bisexual & homosexual encounters. While I found the book get a little slow at moments it held my interest and I even re-read some of the stories just to make sure I read them correctly.  LOL!

So check out the interview below and stop by Saturday to win a copy of The Darker Side of Lust: A Collection of Short Erotic Fiction.

The world is not full of happily-ever-afters or one-on-one relationships three can most certainly be a (happy) crowd and a complete stranger can be the ultimate lover. The Darker Side of Lust takes you into the heads, hearts and beds of its characters in sixteen short erotic tales. Yet fantasies are fulfilled anywhere; in bedrooms and kitchens, on sofas, in cars, in church… The Darker Side of Lust will satisfy straight, lesbian, gay or bisexual fans of erotic fiction. The stories are sweet and seductive or raw and risque. Told at times through a 1st person narrative, these erotic tales draw the reader in with their vivid descriptions, hints of humor and brutal honesty sure to bring up I ve been there memories or arouse your senses with what you never dreamed of as erotic.


For those who aren’t familiar with you, who is Abigail Ekue?

I’m a writer, photographer and social artist. I have a great interest in anatomy, biology, physiology, food, nutrition psychology — the human body in general. I also have a huge interest in interpersonal relationships. I people watch and I love to laugh — all of which I incorporate into my art.

How long have you been writing? When did your love for writing begin?

I’ve always answered this question by saying, “I’ve loved to write for my entire life.” I do have memories writing mysteries or “detective stories” as I used to call them in 2nd and 3rd grade. Now I can give you a more definitive answer. I recently found a self-portrait I drew when I was 7 and I wrote a few words underneath it. Aside from describing myself as “curious” and “loves mysteries”, I also listed “writer”. I’ve kept a journal since junior high. So whether it was personal or creative, writing as been a part of my life.

How did you make your transition from freelance writing to fiction writing?

Actually I haven’t transitioned. I still write fiction and I freelance. After college, I learned more about how freelance writing “worked” and that’s when I started pitching articles to publications. I got my first few clips published in NY newspapers and went from there. At the same time, my fiction was mainly screenwriting and I was working on a novel. There are a few sex scenes in my novel but the erotica didn’t start for a few years.

Now that we’ve gotten the formalities out the way, why “The Darker Side of Lust”?

The Darker Side of Lust was developed in stages. I had a few stories already written before deciding to publish a collection. Once I made that decision, I started writing more stories to fill out the collection and to make it well-rounded. Personally, I wanted to challenge myself and write stories from different points of view or write about scenarios I’ve never experienced.

Was it your intention to write short stories or did it just kind of happen?

Short stories are definitely a style of writing I enjoy. I’ve always enjoyed novels, but I look at short stories as shorter novels (novellas) or the length of a TV episode; I can relate to that. For The Darker Side of Lust, yes, it was intended to be a short story collection.

Love You, I Do… I had to read it twice. How did you come up with this story?

I wrote Love You, I Do because I wanted another story in the collection to be written from the male 1st person. I remember I sat down on a Sunday morning and wrote that in about an hour. I already had the closing sentence floating around in my head when I woke up, but no clue what the story would be. I transcribed it afterwards and when I read it, I thought, yeah, it works as is; it was a freewriting exercise that worked.

In this book you cover same-sex relationships.  How has this subject been accepted by readers?

That subject has been accepted positively. The most common feedback I receive is that the F-F story is sexy or “hot” and a great representation of a first-time encounter. I captured the angst and physical response well. The M-F-M scenario appeals to so many audiences. I expected women and bisexual men to enjoy that story but there has been positive response from heterosexual men as well. I allude to F-M-F in another story and I believe leaving some of the details out is what works in that one — Do they? Don’t they? Have they? — the reader is left to wonder and create their own scenarios.

If you could choose an author as a mentor who would it be?

Any author who makes a very comfortable, substantial living from writing.

What do you love doing when you’re not writing?

I love to workout. I have to be outside experiencing life. I read. I photograph. I spend quality time with family and friends.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Well that thing about experiencing life, yeah, that’s very important. You have to live to write. You will still research so that you have your facts straight but it helps tremendously when you can draw from life experience. So don’t isolate yourself. There’s one thing to be focused on an assignment but that’s totally different from being a hermit. Taking a break from your work sometimes helps. There’s a lot of inspiration around you. Even if you’re writing fiction, your readers will relate to your characters more. If you don’t have the life experience it’s still important to write. Just do it. Freewriting is a great tool. Ignore the urge to edit yourself while you write. Write first. Edit second. Always be professional. And learn to accept rejection professionally. Throw your tantrums in private, if that’s your style.

Any last thoughts or comments?

Huge thank you to all the readers who have purchased The Darker Side of Lust and shared their thoughts. I stay busy with writing and photography so check my website, Abigail Ekue – The Native Creative, and my blog, Random Musings, regularly for the latest news and projects.

And thank you for including me on Notorious Spinks!

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the author for review.

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