Using Books to Rekindle the Fire

by Notorious Spinks on 11.06.2013


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Every once in a while we can find a book that moves us. It rocks our very being, causes us to rethink things and can even change the way we approach life. It’s a rarity to find those books, but when we do, we hold on to them for a long time cherishing each word. Although we can’t make this magic happen with just any old book we read, we can certainly figure out ways to take something away from every book we consume–including erotica novels!

When it comes to the genre of erotica, you can expand your mind, improve your relationship and make your bedroom a little more exciting. For instance, check out the approaches listed below:

1. Use scenarios from the book to inject a little romance back in your life: Relationships can sometimes get dull or go sour causing the romance to dwindle. However, the romantic fire can be rekindled by taking note of the strong romantic undertone that many romance novels possess and then apply them to your relationship as deemed appropriate. Whether you open a bottle of bubbly over a romantic dinner, give your partner a foot rub or light a few candles while wearing your sexiest lingerie, it’s never too late and you’re never too old for a little romance.
2. Use the book as inspiration in your bedroom activities: Erotica novels are usually full of hot and steamy sexual situations that usually go beyond the traditional missionary approach. Use some of the positions that the book explicitly explains or take a cue from their use of props and head down to your nearest sex store like Adam and Eve and pick up a new toy. You can even use the book as a source of role play. Have your partner read one of the chapters so they can get used to character and then act it out.

3. Use the book to stimulate honest communication: Reading an erotica romance novel can sometimes bring to light some of the problems in your own relationship. Maybe you feel like your partner doesn’t care about your feelings or needs or doesn’t put enough effort in. Use your book as the catalyst to get the conversation going. It can be hard to admit these downfalls and sometimes our relationships just need a nudge from some outside characters. So don’t be afraid to live on the wild side and reenact those scenes.

4. Use it as a way to teach yourself how to talk dirty: Some people can easily read the words in a book, but saying them out loud is a totally different story. If you are one of those people, let the words in your book verbally inspire you. Start light by just copying some of the phrases in the book and sending them to your partner via text. It will surely surprise them and benefit you in the long run. Once you feel comfortable typing them, start saying them in the bedroom. Need a little more help? Again, try taking turns reading a chapter to each other. Sometimes just the act of saying these words out loud with no judgement is all you need to the good times started.

It’s totally understandable that relationships and romance woes aren’t an easy subject to discuss but it can be necessary. There is nothing wrong with taking one of your erotica novels with that good old “pearl clutching” talk and acting the scene out with our mate. Hey, she/he may even like it.

So Spinkys, have you ever acted a scene or two out from an erotica novel? How did you calm the butterflies and how did you significant respond?

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