Book Review: Orange Mint & Honey


***REPOST*** Relationships,  whether good, bad or ugly, we all have them.  These  relationships, especially those with close friends and family shape our entire existence.  The most unique relationship is the mother-daughter bond, even if that bond is broken; it still exists.  In Orange Mint and Honey, author Carleen Brice takes us on an emotional roller […]

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Author Interview: The Darker Side of Lust by Abigail Ekue


    I had the opportunity to review The Darker Side of Lust: A Collection of Short Erotic Fiction by Abigail Ekue.  I was interested to know how she would confront a subject that still happens to be taboo in some circles, homosexuality.  After reading many of the short stories I often wondered who told […]

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Book Review: The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey by Walter Mosley


    In Psalm 90:10, the scripture tells us, “Seventy years are given to us! Some even live to eighty.”  In the words of my grandma, Ptolemy Grey is definitely “on borrowed time” baby. At ninety-one years old, Ptolemy Grey is one of the world’s forgotten: by his family, by his friends, by even himself. […]

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Book Review: The Book of Night Women by Marlon James


    Imagine yourself on a sugar plantation in Jamaica during the late 18th century. You are forced to endure the strongholds of slavery.  But this is not where you belong.  You feel out of place, peculiar and different. There’s nowhere to run.  Nowhere to hide.  All you have is a dream.  A dream that […]

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Book Review: Stalina by Emily Rubin


  After the fall of the Soviet Union, Stalina Folskaya’s homeland is little more than a bankrupt country of broken dreams. She flees St. Petersburg in search of a better life in America, leaving behind her elderly mother and the grief of the past. A trained chemist in Russia, but disillusioned by her prospects in […]

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Book Review: Skipping A Beat by Sarah Pekkanen


  In relationships sometimes the rules change.  We change.  But, is it fair to the other person involved? Do they even get a say? In my opinion, it just depends on the circumstance. As for Julia, she didn’t get a say.  She wasn’t happy about it and the circumstance didn’t matter.  She just wanted it […]

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Author Interview: Zen Cooper by Angelia Menchan


Author interview with Angelia Menchan about her new book Zen Cooper: Woman-Child: Ghetto Genius.

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